Saturday, December 6

Travel Segment: Atlanta (Little Five Points)

A friend of mines suggested I go to Little Five Points. She said the neighborhood had a lot of shops and thrift stores I would like. I didn't think I'd have time to fit it into my schedule but added it to my foursquare list just in case.
While having brunch the day I was returning home I informed her that I didn't get a chance to go and  her another friend mentioned how much I would've enjoyed that particular section of Atlanta. It was heavy rain all day so they made it clear that it wouldn't be as enjoyable if I went that day so I concluded I missed out and would go see Underground Atlanta. But when my plans to go to Underground Atlanta changed I reluctantly headed over to Little Five Points just to check it out and kill an hour or two.
The first thrift store we went to was Rag-O-Rama. They had a variety of clothing from current trendy items to vintage pieces. Their clothing was priced moderately. I did find some pieces I felt were worth splurging on. Their sale section had a lot of nice scores for cheap prices.

They have a sign that said no pictures so I didn't take many.

Second shop, Clothing Warehouse.

When I say this is the cutest, most organized thrift store I've ever been to I'm far from exaggerating. Everything was organized by eras, style, color, pattern, etc. Their prices are a little on the pricey side but it's one of those stores that's a one stop shop.

We told the ladies at Clothing Warehouse we wanted pizza and they recommended Little 5 Points Pizza.

I'm starting to think pizza after thrifting is our tradition.

The two thrift shops and pizza joint was all we had time for, but I know next time I'm in the A to arrange my affairs so that I can spend a few hours in this part of town.

Friday, December 5


Went to the Mac counter inside Nordstrom at the Perimeter Mall to get my Make-up done by one of their lovely artist named Vanessa. If in need of a mua in Atlanta look her up @vanessa_mua @beatbeautyartistry

Pit stop at the Food Truck Park before the reception. The fish is that good.

A photographer for Jezebel Magazine captured this photo of us. The magazine was having a Girls Nite Out event that evening so I was able to grab a swag bag with some goodies. I guess us being greedy worked out in our favor in more than one way.

Peep their silhouettes up top. Best entrance ever!


He talks as if he can hang but really can't lol

After the short-lived after party  

Thursday, December 4

Travel Segment: Atlanta (Krog Street Market)

I made dinner reservations at The Luminary a month before the trip. I found a picture on ig and noticed it was a new restaurant in a warehouse being renovated to house various shop. I of course wanted to dine at well-known restaurants while in Atlanta but thought I'd try a new place while there as well.
KROG STREET MARKET built into an authentic warehouse, established in the 1920’s. 
Soon this west coast-style market will soon be filled with stalls to sell produce, goods, and prepared food, along with a few southern-grown restaurants and retailers.

An French American brasserie with regional influences. Named after Atlanta's first historic newspaper.

We sat outside after walking back from Krog Street Tunnel. Everything except The Luminary and one other bar looked secluded. Everything was either under construction or furnished but looked as though to never be accompanied by patrons. So, unsure of whether to walk through the warehouse we waited outside before venturing into the building.

To our surprise we were able to walk through. Some of the shops were preparing to open for the first time that weekend.

The market reminded me of Reading Terminal here in Philly.

Secret girlfriend- Herradura Silver, Giffard Ginger, Yellow Chartreuse and grapefruit.
Antoine had an Imperial Brown Ale, a local beer by Wild Heaven, which was recommended by our waitress. He ordered a few so I'm going to assume it was a hit.

Smoked wings

I ordered Steak Frites (as I always do when I go to a French Restaurant). Antoine ordered the Fried Rabbit.

Everything was excellent! I highly recommend Atlantans and those visiting Atlanta to take a trip to the Krog Street Market. I foresee this place being a popular spot in the spring and summer months.