Sunday, October 19

OOTN: shorts x platforms

Outfit details:
Blouse: tthrifts
Shorts: American Apparel
Stockings: unknown brand (from walgreens)
Belt/purse and boots: tthrifts
Earrings/necklace/watch: tthrift ed
Cuffed rings: h&m

Friday, October 17

My Breast Cancer Awareness Supporter

When I picked Kamari up from school yesterday he said dress down day was for a good cause and he wanted to participate. When he told me it was for breast cancer I asked him if he knew my mom had it twice. He shockingly said "and she survived?!" I told him "Yes, but her mom passed because of the cancer." He said he'd call my mom to tell her he was sorry her mom died because of  breast cancer and sure enough he called that evening and said he was sorry to hear about her mom.

I'm glad Kamari was willing to support breast cancer monetarily for dress down day but especially impressed when he  was willing to wearing pink once he realized his gmom survived the cancer twice. Although he sat with her almost every day (all day) in the hospital during her chemo visits when diagnosed for the second time he had no true recognition of what was going on. So he proudly wore pink in honor or his gmom, his gmom mom, and his mom mom Chrissy. I almost cried this morning when he said "Don't forget the money because I don't want gmom to get breast cancer again or you mom"  He's such an emotional kid and I hate that the woes of the world is something he has to be subject to but I love his enthusiasm. 

Thursday, October 16

Hair Update

Just call me Maxine.

I posted a pic of my 2 strand twist last week and received a ton of compliments. The hair style is very simple, I think the shape of my hair makes it look a little more unique. I'm trying to enjoy the short hair phase by trying as many possible styles as I can. Even ones I wouldn't typically wear. Twist being one of those styles.
Below, are pics of my 8 day old twist freshly wash and conditioned. I used Trader Joes shampoo and conditioner; towel dried my hair and coated my hair with Cantu leave-in. 

Saturday, October 4

Fall in Love....w/ this engagement party

So my love is getting married!!!!! So to kick off the celebration the bridal party put together an engagement party for the love birds. Despite all the planning, shopping and actually putting everything together it was a lot of fun. I'd like to say everything was our original ideas but they weren't. I'm forever grateful for all the inspiration we received from others who shared their ideas via the internet. So I return the favor today because everything contributed to the memorable occasion and just maybe this will do the same ;)

Friday, September 19

'The boy waiting on his dog'

I posted this on instagram but had to share it on the blog as well.

This shot is from this morning while Auden patiently waited for our dog Kingston to finish using the potty. Every morning I unlock the basement door and Auden opens the door and tells Kingston to come every single time. As I open the door to the backyard Kingston runs out while Auden takes his time following behind him. When Auden was younger he would stay at the door and call him back but now he walks across the deck and sits at the bottom of the steps and waits. After he watches Kingston go to this usually spots he does his kissy sound to call him back in.

Although he does this every morning and lets Kingston out throughout the day, today I actually sat back and realized how much responsibility he has taken on at 20 months old. I didn't make him do it or teach him but simply from observing he has the desire to demonstrate he can handle taking out his dog. It's the cutest, yet funniest thing to me. I've never watched a child grow up with a dog from infancy and didn't think it would be something worth witnessing honestly but it really is. We all have a different relationships with one another in the household; dog included. However, Auden and Kingston relationship is something the rest of in the house has never experienced. So I'll continue to admire it while I can.

 the backyard supervisor

Saturday, April 26

OOTN: Peter Pilotto for Philippe

Blouse: Forever21
Vest: Forever21
Belt: n/a
Skirt: Peter Pilotto for Target
Jewelry: all thrifted except...
Earrings: Forever21
Shoes: not shown but I wore basic Steve Madden black flats since we walked around NYC

For more pics and brief restaurant review click below

OOTD: vintage 2 in 1

Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Initial plate from UO
Shoes: Bakers
Purse: Vintage Coach via Poshmark