Wednesday, November 12

OOTN: urban meets glam

Concert Attire

Usher #urxtour
Earrings: Forever21
Necklace: thrifted
Rings: H&M
Belt: H&M
Shorts: thrifted (jeans that I cut into short)
Tights/Stockings: H&M
Clutch: thrifted

Tuesday, November 11

PennyPack Park Adventures

Auden: "I wonder what would happen if I climbed over. If she looks away for 1 second I'm going for it"

Auden's objective: "I will throw every single rock here."

Picking rocks to throw requires skill. A lot of squatting and careful evaluation involved.

His stick obsession has stemmed from his brother. His brother inherited it from his father. His father picked up the trait from his father and I'm sure I can keep going. Long story short the West men love sticks so I should just get use to it.
He's still learning how to pick out good walking sticks. I think he likes breaking them half more than looking for sturdy ones to use for walking.

Kamari just had to wander off the trail to check out this chimney.

I looked up information on the chimney and found an essay that noted at one-time it was a popular gathering spot in the park. People use to picnic, have parties, various activities and even concerts around this fireplace. Nature has engrossed most of it but I think it gives the park character. It gives off an alluring, rustic ruin feel that has your mind question it existence and former memories. If you have a chance definitely check out the article, which is linked above. It's a nostaglic read and one of a compilation of essays based on her childhood experiences in the sixties.
Found an awesome shot of it online.

At one point I thought about buying Auden the backpack with the harness attachment. I know, I know, to some parents it's the worst child product ever. I use to feel the same way until I had Auden and even though I thought it I doubt I'd ever actually buy one. The thought however has simply vanished now that I know all I have to say is "Follow big brother" to keep Auden close by.

Saturday, November 8

Travel Segment: Q&A

Would you return to any of the cities?

I honestly would return to every city I visited, which was San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. Each city offered an insatiable beauty you just could never get enough of. Although I was eager to travel to the next destination on my roadtrip to see what splendor the next place held, each place still made you feel like you just had to stay. It left me wanting more, & there was more than enough to want. Each city had various restaurants to eat at , activities to do, & places to experience . It was almost impossible to really see it all in one setting, so that gave me great reason to make a comeback, to every single place , which I will be doing sooner than later.

Which city was your favorite & why?

It is really hard to say which place was my favorite because each one was absolutely spectacular in it's own special way. But if you twisted my arm & pulled my ear, I think I would have to say Portland. I've never seen people smile so much in my life. Everyone there was so free, positive, very friendly, and might I add aesthetically pleasing. Everyone is just so attractive with their various styles and they give off great energy. It just made you feel good. And so did all the food from the great restaurants we tried. The weather was very comfortable as well, not too hot or not too cold. Florida is usually where older people go to retire, but Portland is definitely where all the young happy artsy people go to retire. I may have to join them soon.

I'm truly grateful that Alexis took the time out to share her photos and travel experience. I hope that it has a positive impact on those who took time to read these last few post. Hopefully it is an impetus to spark a desire to explore locally and beyond. 

Until next time folks,


Travel Segment: Vancouver

{This is a photo I took while riding bikes through the infamous Stanley Park. It was a blissful day.}

My fondest memory was when I went hiking in the mountains with a group of friends to go sit up in fishnets that were built inside trees. Sounds crazy, I know ! But it was beyond exciting. We tripped over a couple tree stumps, got scratched by prickly plants, but along our journey - we listened to music, laughed, worked together to help each other, and of course, laughed some more. Once we made it to the trees that the nets were built in, we had to climb up the trees ( the trees had wooden notches to help assist in your climbing) to get into the nets. We climbed one by one and soon, we all were sitting high up in nets on the edge of a cliff, overlooking mountains and the water and a beautiful sunset. We ate snacks, drank delicious beer, laughed about our journey up there, listened to music, & talked about how thankful we were to have such a terrific trip. It was an astonishing sight to see and an experience I will remember forever

When traveling to the breathtaking city that is Vancouver, which happens to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, be sure to stop by go to Kitsilano Beach. It's so clean, the people are so entertaining, & it's such a relaxing ambiance and scenery. If you can, visit the Richmond Night Market as well, which is an Asian Market that sells lots of electronic devices and cool accessories for your phones, but most of all - they sell every type of Asian food you can imagine. There were Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino vendors serving all their 
signature delicacies. You will be destined to leave satisfied and full.

Friday, November 7

Travel Segment: Seattle

One thing Seattle has are talented graffiti artists. Quite a few times we spotted radiant murals that lit the streets up. This is a photo of just a glimpse of street art I came across while roaming the city. I thought the colors were very pretty and it just so happened to match my outfit that day. This photo and art just reminds me of the thrilling urban artistic vibe Seattle gives off.

My fondest memory was the first night there. After having an incredible night out eating, drinking, & socializing with some friends on an open deck rooftop at a restaurant lounge, a friend of my friend's ( who had lived in Seattle for some time) requested to take us to a special place in the city we'd be sure to enjoy. We were rather tired, so initially we hesitated. But reluctantly, we agreed . So we said we'd follow them there. Unbeknownst to us, Seattle has some seriously steep streets, and high roads, almost even worse than San Fran. Along the journey, of driving up some of those steep hills, I, being the driver , accidentally got mixed up & started following another car, thinking it was our friends. I followed the car all the way home & was rather confused, wondering what was so 'special' about this place that we arrived at, which was just a residential neighborhood. It wasn't until a Caucasian couple exited the car that I realized I followed the wrong people to the wrong place! My friends & I just sat there laughing for a good five minutes. We called my friend who I was originally following, explained what happened, & asked for directions to the 'special place'. Needless to say, we did not go very far out of the way & was still very close. Within about 7 minutes or so, we made it to the location. We arrived at the top of a mountain & were greeted by an awesome view of the entire city. There were lights shining & glistening from buildings, from restaurants, from boats, from the stars in the sky, from everywhere. We all just stood on top laughing and talking and enjoying the skyline. It was well worth the mix up & the journey.

Upon visiting Seattle, you have to go to the Space Needle. It's an observation deck & a landmark of the city. It's about 600 ft high , so if you're afraid of heights, it may be something you might not be ecstatic about. However, if you want to face your fears, the reward will be worth it. At the 500 ft mark, it has a rotating restaurant where you can enjoy a nice meal and at the top of the needle, you are entertained with an amazing view of the city. One can see the downtown Seattle skyline, as well as popular mountains such as Mt Rainier. You travel through & get to the top of the Space Needle by way of an elevator & I think it will be a ride you won't regret.

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Thursday, November 6

Travel Segement: Portland

{This is a photo I took while I was on Cannon Beach which is along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. This photo is of huge bulks of rock that sit on the beach. They have anemones and all other kind of cool sea creatures that lie beneath them. The beach was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life.}

My friends & I took a bike tour the first day I spent there. The tour consisted of riding around to various landmarks that made the city shine & sparkle. It really helped to get a feel of the positive aura the city compelled. During the tour, we noticed there were a lot of homeless people & campers that comprised the city. They seemed to be very happy & comfortable with their lifestyle, already existing in their own little carefree utopia. They also were very friendly & did not bother asking for money or anything like that. I will always remember us riding down one of the streets, as a homeless guy stood on the sidewalk with his friends & just smiled really big, waving as we passed by. As we waved back, he said 'Have a good days, guys!' That just made me feel really good inside, especially because of who it came from. In most cities, strangers barely greet you, & usually people from the background that this particular guy was from usually only greet you, with the hope of getting something in return. But this voluntary act of kindness was the perfect welcome to city and it set the tone for the great vibes we were sure to indulge in.

When in this art friendly, free spirited city - try to travel on a weekend. Although there are lots of cool things to experience on week days as well, the Saturday Market is a must do. The market is full of warm spirited& welcoming vendors selling smiles, food, handmade art - whether it came in the form of jewelry, clothing, stationery, photography, paintings. There was all type of live entertainment, ranging from people playing instruments, singing, dancing, magic shows. At one point, there were children running all around in a puddle of water, laughing and blowing bubbles. It was the perfect description of how I felt inside.

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Wednesday, November 5

Travel Segment: San Francisco

{This is a photo of my friends & I as we were about to embark on our journey for the day to explore the Wine Country in Napa Valley.}

 I have two fond memories. The first was when my friends & I attempted to walk to a particular location in the city ( we thought it was closer than it was ) but after tiring out from all the steep hills that the city is well known for, we quickly hailed a cab. However, during the walk, we were able to see so many great views and aspects of the city...the atmosphere, the colorful houses, great street art, the scenery of the waterfront & boats sailing from where we stood at the top of the hills. The second fond memory was a wine tour I took along the Napa Valley, which is about 30 minutes away from San Francisco. The ride along the valley was such a pleasing sight to our eyes, as the vast green pastures & extensive vineyards are a beauty to see. We toured about 4 different wine vineyards and after learning about each place, we tasted about 3-4 wines at every one. We stopped in between to have a magnificent lunch, and of course have some more wine! My friends & I felt very relaxed that day ! We got to learn some new things and have a stunning view while doing so. 

 One thing you have to experience in San Fran is riding the trolley. It doesn't matter where you go (because the city is full of great restaurants, shopping stores, art galleries, etc) - just ride it somewhere. As you may know, San Fran is known for trolleys being one of their main sources of public transportation. They remind me sort of like a subway train combined with a bus. It's pretty cool. It's costs about $2.50, although one night my friends& I rode for free. You can't leave the city without a ride. You also have to visit the historical site of Alcatraz.
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