Hi, guys! I know I haven't been blogging much lately but I was sick for two weeks and my computer is on its last legs and I haven't had the energy to do research and get a new cpu. I hate blogging from my phone and ipad but I guess I have no other choice right now. I miss blogging too much. So bear with me and check back in soon. New posts will be soon.

Kamry Marie


Mom problems #2

Auden has little (to no) patience. He absolutely hates to wait. So when it's time to pick up big brother he gets antsy. He no longer naps while waiting for Kamari to get out of school so I try to pack snacks and toys to keep him occupied. Sometimes I'm successful; majority of the time I'm not. I can't blame the kid; 20 minutes in a parked car will drive anyone crazy. So I make it a priority to always have something or I let him out to play in the front seat with me. 

One toy that has been helpful is this toddler Etch A Sketch that I picked up at Target. I picked up this Fisher-Price doodle Pro which is recommended for 3+ because he does well with slender crayons, pencils and stylus. I love that it fits in his backpack and he can sit it in his lap. Hopefully, it'll encourage him to draw.

How do you keep your little one busy, when waiting?


Snack time with Auden

It's amazing how much he understands at 13 months old. Now he can finally answer us without getting frustrated as often. He will say no but now that he knows all he has to do is nod or shake his head, it's his preferred way to communicate. I think he gets a kick out of how excited we get when he does it.



New York Fashion Week: NYFW SS/14 x Rolando Santana

Sunday I had the privilege of attending New York Fashion Week. Originally, I rsvp'd to two shows for Sunday; Rolando Santana and Designer's Collective. Unfortunately, the weather impeded and I was only able to attend one show. My bus going back home was canceled forcing me to find another means of transportation. Fortunately, I was able to catch a ride with my friend heading back to DC who was dropping of my bestie in New Jersey. Although I was slightly dishearten, the feeling didn't last long. My high from the show earlier that day outweighed the disappointment. 


#KamariReads: Homework Hassle

Kamari grabbed this book from his school library and couldn't put it down until he finished. I'm just glad he found another book series where the main character was a boy. It started to seem odd that all he wanted to read lately were Junie B. books. I mean I just don't understand how he could relate to that bratty little girl. The only con about this book is that it's a pretty easy read. He finished the book in a day but as you can see from the pics below, he took it with him everywhere.

{Yup, he's reading at the concession stand at the Flyer's game}

{Reading in between periods}
I don't want to waste my money on books he can speed through so I'll check our local library to see if I can find more books from the series. If not I'll be eBay and amazon searching for cheap prices.

#AudenReads: Octopus Opposites

This weeks book is from last month's Citrus Lane box.
"Octopus Opposites" by Stella Blackstone & Stephanie Bauer

Auden doesn't understand the lesson of the book but the color filled pages are entertaining to this 13 month old. 

I'm impressed with the use of shapes in the illustrations. Creative artwork in children books is something I admire. In a year or so this book with be a great aid when teaching opposites.


Josh Ritter

Happy Monday!

Heard this sound by Josh Ritter while eating breakfast at Panera Bread. It was the perfect song for my chilly, Saturday morning. It made me feel warm and cozy. A song you play while wrapped up in a blanket next to a fire. It'll be searching for this this EP on vinyl. 

Hope it comforts you as well! 
Kamry Marie

How cute is this video? It was created with over 12,000 pieces of construction paper, with no effects added.