Sunday, December 11

AQUA Malaysian & Thai

I have a special love for Asian cuisine and this once "diamond in the rough" has been one of my favorite go-to restaurants when I'm in the mood for a reasonable and delicious meal. Located downtown at 7th and Chestnut St; Aqua is an underrated gem that I boast about constantly. For my recent girls night out (dinner and drinks) I just had to suggest Aqua because neither of my friends had the chance to experience it yet.

~What I Recommend~ 

Roti Canai (Indian Pancake) $3.95:
Description: a Malaysian all-time favorite crispy Indian style pancake served w/ potato curry
This dish can be shared by 2 people. The bread is thin and flaky (somewhat like a croissant). You pull off pieces of the bread and dip it (I scoop lol) into the curry potato. There are a few chunks of potatoes in the curry sauce. I LOVE curry but I will say the sauce is flavorful yet mild. The curry is not extremely potent but again I'm a curry lover so if you're not a fan of curry, don't try it! They have appetizers that include fried squid, tofu, spring rolls and several other amazing appetizers.

Thai Basil Chicken $12.95
Description: Chicken with peppers, onion, and basil in Thai chili basil sauce.

If you love onions, red peppers and basil this dish is for you. I try not to order this meal every time I dine-In or take-out but I can't help myself. I don't know anyone that has tired the Thai basil chicken that didn't love it. The chicken to me is a little firm but together with the crunch of the peppers and onion it's not a major issue.

Love Mangos? Try my second favorite dish Mango chicken/beef!

For those that want something sweet, try the Thai Pineapple chicken/beef!
Overall Experience on a scale of 1-5:
Ambiance: 3
Service: 3
Food: 4

Aqua is a nice spot to talk, relax and have a good cheap meal. There's something on the menu for everyone so if you're a foodie like me dive into Aqua (<---- I couldn't resist hehehe) and indulge your taste buds with a new treat.

Oh, Dessert!!!! The fried ice cream is scrumptious

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